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Body Corporate & Building Management
WHS Compliance Management Plan

Owners or managers that are persons conducting a business or undertaking (‘PCBU’) have duties to ensure that all the common property infrastructure is maintained in accordance with statutory requirements, as well as a duty to manage the health and safety of all workers on the common property. Our WHS Compliance Management Plans solve this problem.

Health & Safety Representative

Each workplace must have a compliant Work, Health & Safety Plan and a Health & Safety Representative to implement that plan. Every entity (e.g. company, body corporate or owner’s corporation) that has any form of responsibility over the common property also holds a duty of care over the safety of workers, visitors, occupants, and their guests who enter the common property.

Properly Implemented Plan

The PCBU entity must ensure an individual acts as the Health & Safety Representative to ensure the WHS Compliance Management Plan is properly implemented on the common property workplace. Developing of an WHS Compliance Management Plan is mandatory for all PCBU’s – and so is the proper implementation of that plan. While the strata property may be compliance insofar as it has a WHS Plan, they may be non-compliant if that plan is not properly implemented on site and reviewed periodically.

Diverse Group Consulting assists all PCBU’s - including owners, managers and bodies corporate - in their common property workplace Work, Health & Safety requirement compliance through the development and implementation of site-specific WHS Compliance Management Plans.

WHS Compliance Questions?

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