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Building Caretaking Agreement Performance Audit

Concerned at the standard of maintenance and state of your strata, commercial or retail complex common property? Caretaking Performance Auditing can assess and validate the current performance of your Caretaker ensuring the common property is being maintained in accordance with your Agreement, and if it is not up to standard, we can specify the required remedial action.

Industry Delivery Standards

Diverse Group Consulting provide a thorough and independent caretaking performance audit which will assist you in understanding the current and required property maintenance levels that enable all caretaking agreement parties to comply fully with the duties and objective industry delivery standards.

Fully understanding caretaker’s rights, obligations and applicable minimum agreement performance standards is essential. As is fully dealing with, within the specified timeframes, Caretaker Performance Management Audit (Performance Report) and/or Remedial Actions Notice.

Pre-Assignment Competency Assessment

Diverse Group Consulting can also conduct a Pre-Assignment Competency Assessment of the potential purchaser of building management rights. Or, where caretakers are in dispute or conflict with the owner, committee or body corporate, we can help to ensure that caretaking or management agreement and statutory requirements are being fully and appropriately met.

Diverse Group Consulting educate and empower you in mitigating your caretaking performance risks and liabilities through a Caretaking Performance Audit.

Performance Audit Questions?

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